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Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight

Jhonen Vasquez Jhonen VasquezJoin Jhonen Vasquez as he provides an inside look into the creative process for Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim, and a look ahead at his new work.

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11 Responses to “Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight”

  1. Casey Chapman Says:

    hello, ide just like to ask, out of all of your crations, all of your background nameless people, and all of your crazy ass insane amazingly well……….coool 0.0 *sounding like a complete fan nerd* witch is your favorite, or at least closest to you

    ide also like to know *stabbed for asking another question*
    why is johnny so…….well….johnny? is there a main reason he feels so compelled to kill? is there some inner moral that tugs at him that drives him to slaughter countless individuals, or dose he simple enjoy misuseinmg missolaius items to do unspeakable things to random people.

    and a little disclaimer, all my spelling mistakes are not a lack of inttelectual power, its mearly the absence of sleep takeing its toll ;-;, im somewhat of an insomniac and it can get quite irksum and devesating to my typeing, well befor i drift off my rocker about stupid things, hope you messege back

    *not expecting a reply from the actualy Mr. vasquez, but a person in a cubical in an undergroud area of slave labor comics*

    -a random phycotic little person

    Casey Chapman

    by the way im 15 =D yay underage reading of extreamly graphic materials!!!!!

    yay!!! =D

    cheer people cheer!!!!!!!

    *a rat says yay*

  2. Patrick "ZeR0" Says:

    Been reading a JTHM for years now.. lets see… i got my copy in 7th grade… i’ve had it for 8 years now. i read it once or twice a year. 2007, i read it 3 times.. is that pathetic? i dont care. its got alot of good morals, even if they are all in most extreme form… Love this shit and ill pass it on to my kids, when i get around to have some little shits of my own.

  3. Mike Says:

    Congrats. Jhonen would hate both of you.

  4. Lady Inzane Says:

    yes i am very curios of your work.. like you did you do it? i draw 2 and i was wondering if you can take a look at them and tell me what you think? that would be asome if you reply back! i luv ur work! also you should long in your myspace XP sry i added you and stuff! >

  5. dom Says:

    do you purpose fully think about the randomness in your cartoons or do you just write the first thing that comes into your head?

    you know the pipe in your chest, and pedro that you wrote in Johnny The Homicidal Maniac 3 - Comic Book - JTHM bout why peeps should’t boast bout wating to kill themselves…was that reel or just something to shut them up?

    INZADER ZIM RULES!!! hope you one day complete it
    so does JTHM neva laughed so much in ages

  6. Laura Says:

    I just wanted to know if there are plans for the future. It’s hard to find real information online that isn’t strange fan rant.

  7. Angel Says:

    omgosh I will not lie I am insane I blame the governtment men and TV v.v lol but omg I must say I LOVE YOU! of course your old enough to be my daddy but shush no one needs to know xD that made me sound bad <.< I should shut it but I must say when I read JTHM I was afraid but that means nothing also when Zim came onto YTV I litterally cried with joy I had been wishing to see it on TV then bam there it was lol I am terrible at punctuation <.< but yeah I want a hug from you I dont care if I have to force it xD my frends have no idea who you are and I talk about you constantly it upsets me cuz they stare at me like im insane every time I talk about you and your work v.v also one more possibly two more things 1.I want to know if you will ever come to a Toronto comic con like this summer and 2. I want my first tattoo to be your signature…I know that will probably appal (sp?) you but yes its my dream of having your name as my first tat ok I think I like spilled my guts out to you enough I think ill stop talking before my dignity is completely gone I mean I might have a sliver left lol

  8. The Dying Says:

    Sweet sausages, children! A reply to these replies: this is why I don’t talk about Jhonen Vasquez’s work to civilized people. There’s good in it, there’s some legitimately unique and magnificent work in Invader Zim (much of which has little to do with Jhonen), and so many children who think its great to throw writing mechanics out the window while they drown in high fructose corn syrup, caffiene, and ADD medication make appreciating Jhonen’s better works difficult to take seriously.

    Go ahead, love the man like he makes Jesus look like a clerk at 7-11. Please, make your shrill cries of joy when Gir says… anything. But this wasn’t posted by Mr. Vasquez. No where has he signed. It’s a recording. Why are you trying to address him personally? Am I really in the company of the incompetent?

  9. justin t Says:

    Vasquez is a genius, and I’d like to meet someone who denies that.

  10. Alyssa Says:

    Jhonen Vasquez is my hero..
    and it is my dream to meet him.

  11. Nicky Says:

    Hi anybody whom is even slightly interested in reading this!I just wanted to ask you,do your ideas for comics or lines for the comics just “pop up” in you’r head from time to time,or do you seriously sit down and think about what you want to do? Or both???
    thanls for answering Mr.Vasques!(or underpaid worker locked up in 1 of the secret compartments in the slavelabor workshops.)

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